Americana uk review

Dig Me A Hole


“their songs borrow from rockabilly, soul and hard rock and somehow blend these diverse influences together to create that rare thing in roots music — a unique signature sound.”
“it is Johnson’s voice which acts as a the primary focus throughout. Sultry on ‘Hold On’, soulful on ‘The Chapel’, menacing on ‘El Diablo’; her vocals exhibit grit without ever sacrificing warmth, passion without descending into histrionics.”
“Happily, the band as a whole are equal to Johnson’s formidable presence, providing her with robust, punchy backing. Their basic string-band underpinning engendered by all the banjo and mandolin is augmented by broader brushes of tonal colour, such as electric guitar, organ and even horns. These arrangements are judiciously applied throughout and rarely compromise the organic hue of the sound.”
‘Dig Me a Hole’ is a remarkably solid and enjoyable album which should both consolidate and extends the reliable reputation the Barker Band have already established.

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